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& Biometrics

Testing can be incredibly helpful in uncovering what's really going on with your health and objectively measure progress towards your health goals. 

Resting Metabolic Rate $84

For ultimate precision in calculating your metabolic needs; this is a breath test conducted in a fasted state using state-of-the-art  technology.

(You must select an 8am option when booking this test)


SIBO Testing $299

Gas, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating can be the result of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). 


Food Sensitivity $355

Our food sensitivity profile looks at your reaction to the most commonly sensitive foods which can present symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, joint pain, skin rashes, and more.


Body Composition $35 

A much more accurate breakdown of body weight than a standard body mass index (BMI), which can’t differentiate fat versus muscle.

Know your numbers

Not sure which test is right for you?

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