Now, more than ever, we stand with you.


Below you will find information about our services and support as it relates to COVID-19 action response.

For updated information regarding COVID-19, including symptoms, case tracking, and medical guidance, please visit

Whether it's by phone, e-mail, DM, or in person, we are here to answer all of your questions.

Order vitamins from our online supplement store and ship directly to your home.


Give us a call to request curb-side service and we will meet you at your vehicle.

Learn how to obtain masks, gloves, and other essential items.


Free delivery within Key Biscayne continues as always. Call us to inquire about deliveries off the Key.


Submit patient screening form for testing.


Read below for information pertaining to testing procedures and how to request an appointment.




BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: A Patient Screening Form will need to be completed for EACH person being tested including children and dependents.


Click here to complete the form online.  


Once you have completed the form, you will receive a link via e-mail to book your appointment.

Note, you will need to make individual appointments and payments for EACH person to be tested.


1. I would like to get tested. What should I do next?

The first step is to complete the Patient Intake form found here. A separate form must be completed for every individual person being tested. Once you do that, proceed to the booking link you will receive via email to make an appointment and pay for your test. 

2. How long does it take to get results?

PCR Test: Normally results are received after 8pm the day AFTER you tested via e-mail.

Antigen and antibody: 20 minutes

3. How do I submit payment for testing?

Payments are made in advance, online, at the time of booking.

4. When and where does testing take place? 

Testing takes place by appointment only, on-site at Ethos Pharmacy, during select hours Monday through Saturday. 

5. I am currently feeling some symptoms. Can I get tested?

If you are symptomatic and feel you may have Coronavirus, the CDC recommends you self-quarantine and get in touch with your doctor for further instructions. Please contact your physician immediately or check the CDC website for more information. 

6. Do you have masks, gloves, and other protective gear?

We continue to receive regular shipments of essential items throughout the week, though these items tend to sell-out within the same day. We suggest coming by in the morning when shipments arrive or placing your order by phone.