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Advanced Clinical Services

What We Offer

Medication Therapy Management

Effectively manage your prescriptions to improve outcomes and quality of life, especially for chronic care.

Precision Medicine

Exclusive to Ethos Pharmacy, we partner with myRightMEDS to utilize pharmacogenetics test results to ensure your medication regimen is individualized to your body.  

Collaborative Care

We partner with your healthcare providers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.

Lifestyle Programs

Gain control over the most critical wellness factors: nutrition, sleep, gut health, and stress management.

Sports Performance Optimization

Maximize your physiology to go further in your physical training. We focus on fat adaptation and metabolic efficiency for peak performance. 

Other Testing

Nutrigenomic Testing

BIOHM Testing

Hormone Testing

Advanced Cardio-Metabolic Testing

Body Composition Testing

Interested in Scheduling a Consult or Learning More About Our Services?

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